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They Update Lists of Movies, Don’t They?

Posted by martinteller on February 18, 2014

Once again, the “They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?” list has been updated.  It’s a much smaller update than last year’s, which was heavily influenced by the 2012 Sight & Sound poll.  Only 34 replacements were made, and I’ve seen 30 of them.  Most importantly, The Art of Vision was finally dropped from the list, as was Doomed Love which is not available with English subtitles.  So for the first time since I started tackling the list several years ago, it is completely doable.  The four new additions I’ll be watching are:

708. ARREBATO (Iván Zulueta / 1980 / Spain / 105m / Col)
740. BLUE (Derek Jarman / 1993 / UK / 76m / Col)
852. WINGS OF EAGLES, THE (John Ford / 1957 / USA / 110m / Col)
894. LAST OF THE MOHICANS, THE (Michael Mann / 1992 / USA / 122m / Col)

While I dread having to sit through yet another Ford movie (currently 14 on the list), I’m looking forward to the Zulueta.  Even though I hated Jubilee, Blue intrigues me (if nothing else, it won’t be taxing on the eyes).  I started watching Mohicans once and wasn’t too into it, but it should be painless.  I’m also going to tackle this monster:

279. OUT 1, NOLI ME TANGERE (Jacques Rivette / 1971 / France / 729m / Col-BW)

Previously I didn’t “count” this because I’d already sat through Out 1: Spectre but this time I’m going for 100% completion.

One Response to “They Update Lists of Movies, Don’t They?”

  1. insermini said

    In Spain Arrebato is a well known film. It’s a rare and fascinating film. I think you’ll like it.

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