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Yearly Roundup – 1980

Posted by martinteller on March 14, 2014

The Cream of the Crop

This is a big nostalgia year for me, with three of my childhood favorites lasting into my current top 100.  Airplane! would likely get my vote for the Funniest Movie I’ve ever seen, jam-packed with gags… and good ones, too.  If it’s not the film I’ve seen more than any other, it’s gotta be in the top three.  Another comedy that I return to over and over again (and always enjoy the hell out of it) is The Blues Brothers, which would get my vote for Best Chicago Movie, and based on my limited experience, Best SNL-Related Movie too.  The Shining is one that I saw at an early age — the first few times in an edited-for-TV version that had all the naughtiest bits cut out — and have consistently returned to every few years.  Best Stephen King Adaptation?  Without a doubt.  Scariest Movie?  Yeah, maybe.  And while it’s not currently on the top 100 listed on this blog, it likely will appear in the next revision… the gloriously campy and endearingly earnest Xanadu.  Since we’re giving out awards, I’m going to call this my Most Hated Favorite.  Because people are dumb.


Slightly Less Creamy, But Still Tasty

The older I get the less I care about the “Star Wars” movies.  But The Empire Strikes Back is the crowning achievement of the series, a film that remains untainted by its association with the dreadful prequels.  Will we ever get an un-fucked-with version of it on Blu-Ray?  Ordinary People is a touching gem, with great performances all around but especially Mary Tyler Moore.  And Mon Oncle d’Amerique is another wonderfully playful film with an experimental narrative style by the late, great Alain Resnais.


Also Love

In Search of Famine
Raging Bull


Varying Degrees of Like

Atlantic City
Bad Timing
Berlin Alexanderplatz
The Big Red One
Breaker Morant
City of Women
The Elephant Man
The Falls
God’s Angry Man
The Last Metro
The Long Good Friday
Poto and Cabengo
Superman II


Varying Degrees of Hate

The Age of the Earth
Altered States
The Apple
Friday the 13th
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Le Roi et l’oiseau


Some Notable Films In The Middle

9 to 5
American Gigolo
Dressed to Kill
Flash Gordon
From the Life of Marionettes
Germany, Pale Mother
Heaven’s Gate
Kingdom of Diamonds
Melvin and Howard
My Bodyguard
Out of the Blue
Sauve qui peut (la vie)
Stardust Memories
Stir Crazy
Used Cars
Where the Buffalo Roam


Uncharted Territory

Any Which Way You Can, Battle Beyond the Stars, The Blue Lagoon, Brubaker, Cannibal Holocaust, The Changeling, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Cruising, The Fog, Inferno, Little Darlings, The Long Riders, Loulou, Maniac, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Motel Hell, The Ninth Configuration, One Day Like Another, Panelstory aneb Jak se rodí sídliste, Satah Se Uthata Aadmi, Spetters, Spokój (The Calm), The Stunt Man, Times Square, Urban Cowboy, The Watcher in the Woods, Zhuang dao zheng (The Spooky Bunch)


2 Responses to “Yearly Roundup – 1980”

  1. mountanto said

    One film I should mention: Richard Donner’s great Inside Moves. David Morse’s debut role, and a mighty impressive one at that.

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