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Posted by martinteller on May 20, 2014

I’ll be honest, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment and I’m not much in the mood to write a review.  But it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog and I wanted to get something written about this movie.  I certainly like movies with non-traditional narratives.  I appreciate a bold approach.  I’ve been riveted by movies that take place mostly or entirely in a car, I’ve been riveted by movies where you only see one character.  In this case — one onscreen character, entirely in a car — I was not so riveted.  The film felt way longer than its 80-ish minutes.  For one thing, the visuals are tedious.  Knight has only a couple tricks up his sleeve, primarily out-of-focus shots of headlights on the highway.  This wouldn’t be a problem if the content were more compelling.  While there are some interesting things about Ivan Locke, he wasn’t quite interesting enough to me, and the beats of the story felt too predictable to build any tension.  We can tell by the tenor of the film that certain things are going to happen and certain things are not going to happen.  Hardy’s performance is really good — and the role is an actor’s dream — but the character’s overly practical approach to morality and self-important sense of doing the “right” thing were very off-putting to me.  One look at my top 100 should tell you I need a “likable” protagonist to enjoy a movie, but this character needed some more intriguing attributes for me to be invested.  As it was, I cared far more about the fates of those on the other end of his conversations.

It’s definitely not a film I hated, I’m very much in the middle about it.  It’s a well-written script… I just can’t help thinking it might work better as a short story than as a movie, even if that would have deprived us of Hardy’s fine performance.  Rating: Fair (68)


5 Responses to “Locke”

  1. Nice review Martin. I likened this one to some of the best short stories – the characters were well fleshed out and it really left me wanting more. I wanted to follow that car around the corner and into the next chapter. Sounds like you weren’t as taken with it as I was though. I’ll definitely revisit this one on DVD.

    • Seems like most people were more taken with it than I was. In my film club, I was one of only three dissenters, and the other two guys just wanted a car crash or something “exciting” to happen.

  2. mountanto said

    I still really want to see this. Mostly because I’ve been kind of underwhelmed by this year so far (though some of that might be due to excessive expectations), and I think it looks good.

  3. wordswordswords2 said

    I appreciate knowing about this movie. It sounds interesting, and I”m not familiar enough with the “man-in-a-can” genre to find it tiresome here.

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