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quick takes on three revisits

Posted by martinteller on May 26, 2014

I rewatched three movies recently that I don’t have a lot to say about, but I wanted to jot down some brief thoughts.  I enjoyed Out of Sight quite a bit more the second time around.  In reference to my first review, I still think Clooney and Lopez don’t have “amazing chemistry”, but I want to clarify that.  It’s still perfectly fine chemistry.  I guess I just find their romance one of the less compelling elements, even though it’s basically the heart of the film.  I’m more taken by the sharp script and memorable characters (new rating: Very Good – 82).  I made a mistake in purchasing Godzilla vs. Hedorah.  I actually agree with my previous review… the movie is wonderfully weird, and has a lot of campy fun in it.  But I should have paid more attention to my final sentence: the fight scenes aren’t just “a bit dull”, they’re terribly sluggish.  Despite the glorious insanity throughout the movie, I don’t need to watch it again (new rating: Good – 75).  Lastly, Ace in the Hole improved for me, especially having gained a much greater appreciation for noir since I first saw it.  I still don’t really buy the third act shift in Douglas’s character, and think it slightly undercuts the very very dark cynicism of the film.  But it still works.  And where Wilder really excels is in the details, like the rattlesnake or the way Douglas lights a match by using the carriage return on a typewriter.  Or the “entrance fee” that goes up every time we see the gate.  However, the movie does feel about 20 minutes overlong, and I’m not sure I would watch it a third time (new rating: Very Good – 83).


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