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Poltergeist III

Posted by martinteller on June 4, 2014

This really isn’t a “bad” movie in the sense that it isn’t painful to watch.  Well, a few parts are really tedious and drawn-out, and the Dr. Seaton character is a stupid construct (the arrogant skeptic), and you get kinda sick of hearing the words “Carol Anne”, which are uttered 120 times (no kidding!) over the course of 95 minutes.  But to be fair, overall it feels competently put together.  The acting isn’t bad and some of the effects are actually pretty neat (I thought the meat locker flooding was genuinely impressive).

But it’s a godawful mess of utter nonsense.  As far as I can recall, I’ve never seen Poltergeist II, but somehow I don’t think that would have helped me make heads or tails out of this garbled movie.  Maybe it would have given me a little more insight into that guy who looks like the bastard child of Angus Scrimm and Klaus Kinski, but otherwise this film appears to be its own isolated morass of gobbledy-gook.  It switches gears every few minutes, introduces new elements only to discard them moments later, makes no attempt to stick to whatever flimsy internal logic there is.  Nothing felt connected to anything else, and by end of it the feeling I had was “What happened and how did I get here?”  Not to mention “What happened to Scott?” and “Where did those two doppelgangers go?” and “Why didn’t Tangina do that like an hour ago?”  And furthermore, there’s no real reason to give a damn.  Tangina’s the only character worth caring about.

Yeah, it’s a good movie to watch with some friends over pizza and make fun of.  But is it “so bad it’s good”?  Nah.  It’s just a jumbled collection of adequate scares… most of them involving mirrors.  Someone really had a hard-on over shooting with mirrors.  Rating: Poor (42)


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