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a couple more quick shots

Posted by martinteller on August 16, 2014

I finally got around to seeing Inside Llewyn Davis, long after the point where everyone else has moved on.  Really need to work on keeping up with newer films.  I really enjoyed it, it’s very Coen-y and there’s a lot of funny stuff (“Where’s the scrotum?!”).  Isaac is great, playing another sad sack Coen protagonist whose sense of entitlement blinds him to the fact that his troubles are mostly due to his own shortcomings and character flaws.  The soundtrack is pretty fantastic, and I loved the cat.  That said, I can’t ever see it being one of my favorites, nor can I imagine a time when I’d be anxious to see again.  It’s a perfectly fine middle-tier Coen brothers movie, but nothing about it truly grabbed hold of me.   Rating: Very Good (83)

I started rewatching Where the Green Ants Dream but it was just as blah and mediocre as I remembered.  So after about 40 minutes I went back to the beginning and watched it all the way through, but this time with the commentary track on.  It was somehow comforting to hear Herzog acknowledge some of the flaws in the film, especially the self-righteous tone and lack of subtlety.  There are a few terrific moments (the airplane, for example) and Bruce Spence has an enjoyable presence, but overall it’s a disappointment.  Rating: Fair (62)

5 Responses to “a couple more quick shots”

  1. mountanto said

    Yeah, I never quite got why everyone went so nuts for Llewyn Davis either. One blogger said it was like A SERIOUS MAN, but with folk music rather than Judaism. As a Jew who isn’t especially into folk music, that might explain why I liked the other film better.

    I also say it needed more John Goodman. But that’s something you could say about most films.

  2. Nice reviews Martin. I’ve ended up falling in love with Inside Llewyn Davis. Even though my initial reaction was somewhat downbeat I found myself thinking about the film a lot. The Coens have packed so much in there and on the re-watch it seems there’s so much more to dissect than I first imagined. It’s now one of my favourite Coen films!

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