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The World of Jacques Demy

Posted by martinteller on August 23, 2014

After Jacques Demy’s death in 1990, his wife Agnes Varda seems to have (understandably) fixated on him for a while.  In 1991, she created the lovely biographical portrait of his youth, Jacquot de Nantes.  In 1993, she celebrated the anniversary of one of his most popular films with The Young Girls Turn 25.  And in 1995, she put together this loose career overview.  I say “loose” because there’s no attention to chronology, but it is comprehensive.  I don’t think there’s a single Demy film that isn’t covered.  Which makes it a good resource for someone like me, looking to dig a little deeper into his work.  I lost interest in seeing The Pied Piper but surprisingly piqued my curiosity about A Slightly Pregnant Man.

As with her Rochefort doc, I wanted a little more of a personal touch, but it’s got some good anecdotes.  I didn’t know that Jim Morrison visited the set of Donkey Skin, or that Harrison Ford almost got the Gary Lockwood role in Model Shop (which Demy amusingly refers to as “Model Flop”).  The tone of the interviews (with Demy’s family, actors, associates, and fans) is loving without being overly fawning.  A nice tribute to the man’s work.  Rating: Very Good (80)


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