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quick shot rewatches

Posted by martinteller on September 6, 2014

Swimming to Cambodia is a movie I’ve seen probably 8-10 times but it’s always a pleasure.  Even though I practically know it by heart, Spalding Gray is such a masterful storyteller that it’s always captivating and fulfilling.  By far the best of his filmed monologues, especially with the aid of Laurie Anderson’s music.  Rating: Very Good (89)

I was a little worried revisiting The Wind Will Carry Us, afraid it wouldn’t hold up and that I’d made a mistake purchasing the Blu-Ray.  But no, I can stand comfortably behind my previous review.  A beautiful film that never bores despite its leisurely pace and frequent repetition.  I’m not sure it’s a movie I needed to own because I don’t see myself watching it over and over… but I can imagine at least one or two more visits with it.  It seems like a film that grows with the viewer.  Rating: Great (90)

I had no intention of watching Girl Walk//All Day so soon, only 10 months since the last time… which itself was only 5 months after my first viewing.  But I finally got my hands on the DVD (with a personalized note by director Jacob Krupnick, a really swell dude) and after watching the bonus features, I couldn’t help myself.  The minor nitpicks I had before keep getting smaller and smaller.  This time there were no moments where my attention started to wane.  I was delighted and transfixed from start to finish.  I added this movie to my top 100 this year, and it’s going to rise higher up the list when I revise next year.  It’s a film that makes me feel love for my fellow man, and I don’t think you can ask for anything better from a work of art.  Rating: Masterpiece (97)

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