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a couple more quick shots

Posted by martinteller on September 11, 2014

Watched Midnight Run for the umpteenth time.  Action/comedies aren’t generally my bag, but with my admittedly limited knowledge of the genre, I’m gonna say this is the best example.  There’s really nothing here that annoys me, I don’t know if DeNiro or Grodin has ever been funnier.  Fantastic support from Dennis Farina, Yaphet Kotto, John Ashton and Joey Pants.  It’s a long movie but things are kept interesting by continually reconfiguring the situation and not dragging out any particular scenario to the point of tedium.  There is a distinct lack of female characters (Jack’s estranged wife and daughter show up for about 4 minutes) but what are you gonna do?  Rating: Great (91)

Three to Tango isn’t great, but it’s certainly not as bad as you might expect.  There are some cringe-worthy gay gags, but attitudes have changed a lot since 1999 so it’s fairly progressive for its time.  It’s a shame Matthew Perry never really got any good movie roles, because I can’t help liking the guy.  He’s got a Keaton-esque quality… I’m talking Michael, not Buster.  He’s got a few pretty funny moments here, and Oliver Platt is enjoyable as usual.  Still, despite the sexual identity politics, this is a really formulaic and predictable romcom.  There’s even a Slow Clap scene, one of the worst and least earned I’ve ever seen.  I really have a hard time with plots that revolve around someone not saying the thing that needs to be said (and people not listening when he tries to).  I also have a hard time accepting movie romances that are built on a history of deception.  Rating: Poor (53)


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