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shorts by James Lee, part 2

Posted by martinteller on September 15, 2014

In The Woman Upstairs, a novelist (Emily Lim) goes in for an abortion.  When the power goes out just before she has the procedure, she gets into a philosophical discussion with the doctor (Steve Yap).  This is yet another short from this year that does not at all seem like the work of a mature filmmaker.  Everything about it is mediocre.  The dialogue is poorly written and I don’t believe this conversation would happen.  It comes off like a college student’s idea of what deep introspection sounds like, and ends on a moralizing note.  Boring shot-reverse shot photography.  I really don’t understand why Lee thought this needed to be made.  Rating: Poor (43)

Gerhana is Lee’s contribution to the 2009 omnibus film 15Malaysia.  It’s only 4 1/2 minutes and shows a woman (Daphne Iking) watching the news while her boyfriend (Azman Hassan) man-splains it to her… and then takes pictures of her sleeping, the implication being that he posts dirty shots of her on the internet.  The description on Lee’s website talks about media manipulation and some of that comes through, but it still doesn’t feel like anything that deep or special.  There is some unusual editing that at least makes this somewhat interesting.  Nothing that great, though.  I’m quite disappointed with most of these shorts so far.  Rating: Fair (60)


2 Responses to “shorts by James Lee, part 2”

  1. mountanto said

    Maybe Lee’s style is best suited for full-length features?

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