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September 2014 Recap

Posted by martinteller on September 30, 2014

24 new viewings (plus 9 shorts)
10 rewatches (plus 5 shorts)

Snow Flurry
Lady in White
Gideon’s Army
Shotgun Stories
Cairo Time
Danger Stalks Near

I Am Divine
But Film Is My Mistress
Appropriate Adult
The Parent Trap

Money Madness
A Brief History of Time
The Awakening
Fools Rush In
Down Three Dark Streets

Carmen Comes Home
Three To Tango
Someone Like You
Princess from the Moon
Tim’s Vermeer
A League of Their Own

Really good month, best I’ve had in a long time.  My top 4 in September were all superb films, even though there was nothing quite top 100-worthy.  I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable doing the mini-reviews, which reminds me… I’ve got a couple more to close out the month.  I never thought I’d ever say this about a movie, but the best thing about A League of Their Own was Jon Lovitz.  Everything else was adequate as entertainment, but just barely.  One-note characters, bad dialogue, Rosie O’Donnell being unbearably grating (and I thought I liked her before watching this), and just plain bad writing.  Predictable in the extreme, it’s like the movie wrote itself while the screenwriter had a smoke break.  Terrible opening song by Carly Simon, too.  Rating: Poor (41)

Tonight’s rewatch of I Fidanzati confirmed everything I wrote about it last year and it will probably continue to hold a spot on my top 100 list.  My lady objected to the relative emptiness of the Liliana character and I see her point, but perhaps as a male it moves me in different ways than it would her.  Expectations may also be a factor… Liliana feels much more significant the second time around, despite (and because of) her absence.  Rating: Great (95)


2 Responses to “September 2014 Recap”

  1. Wendell said

    Nice work. I actually like A League of Their Own, have a lot of fun watching. One of my favorite Tom Hanks performances, too. Haven’t heard of Fidanzati. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

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