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quick shots

Posted by martinteller on October 6, 2014

All About My Mother remains secure in my top 100.  I said in my recent review of Yearning that sometimes a movie just doesn’t connect with you.  That sentiment was partly inspired by my lady’s reaction to this movie… she did like it, but wasn’t moved by it the same way I am.  You can argue about meanings and interpretations and use of cinematic devices, but you can’t change the way a person feels.  There have been times when she’s been moved by a film that provoked no emotional reaction in me.  It doesn’t mean either of us is dead inside… sometimes a thing works for you, and sometimes it doesn’t.  There can also be extenuating circumstances, like your mood or expectations.  Nonetheless, I still find this a very touching picture with characters I adore.  Rating: Masterpiece (98)

I didn’t find much to adore about Freaky Friday.  Jodie Foster is very good at pulling off an adult persona, and Barbara Harris looks like she’s having a ball.  But it wasn’t much fun for me.  The gags are really dumb and predictable… painful, most of them.  I also really hated the little brother (a young actor with the amazing name of Sparky Marcus).  I was excited to see Marie Windsor’s name in the opening credits, but she’s wasted in a nothing role.  I wish I could have given in to the ridiculousness of the whole thing, but mostly I was just annoyed.  Rating: Crap (34)

[SPOILERS AHEAD] A curious thing happened during my third viewing of Asquith’s Pygmalion.  The ending caught me completely by surprise.  I was dead certain it ended with Eliza Doolittle giving Henry Higgins a piece of her mind and storming out.  The end.  But no, it keeps going, adding on a conclusion that’s completely wrong.  I was so sure that one of the things that elevated Asquith’s adaptation over My Fair Lady was the more sensible and satisfying ending.  Turns out they’re pretty much the same.  What an odd mental block I set up for myself.  Everything else is terrific, especially Wendy Hiller’s wonderful performance.  But those last 30 seconds cast a pall over an otherwise pleasing experience.  Rating: Very Good (85)


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