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two quickies

Posted by martinteller on October 18, 2014

I wish I had more to say about Odd Obsession, an unusual film by Kon Ichikawa.  It has some intriguing avant-garde flourishes, plays a lot with what characters know and don’t know, and features terrific performances by Machiko Kyô and Ganjiro Nakamura (surprisingly, Tatsuya Nakadai gets overshadowed by these two).  It’s a twisted look at aberrant desire and extremely dysfunctional family dynamics.  But it never quite grabbed hold of me, and seemed to occasionally be spinning its wheels.  Rating: Very Good (80)

Gone Girl is very entertaining, excellently crafted as a thriller and with a fine sense of humor.  The performances are all good, especially Coon and Dickens.  It’s sharp in its observations on the media, and complex in its treatment of gender and persona.  I was tossing the movie around in my head for hours afterward, and any film that can do that is doing something right.  I did have some issues, but I can’t get into them without spoiling the movie.  I will instead post them in this Gone Girl thread at the Filmspotting forum.  Rating: Very Good (80)

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