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Dumb and Dumber

Posted by martinteller on November 5, 2014

Well… um.  Yeah.  So, I watched this.  Comedy is subjective, right?  Who am I to say this film isn’t funny when it’s a comedy beloved by so many?  But… goddamn it, it isn’t funny.  I could say it’s stupid, but the Farrelly brothers headed that critique off at the pass.  Of course it’s dumb, that’s in the title.  Twice, even.  But it’s just not my kind of dumb, I suppose.  I guess you could say it ushered in a new era of gross-out comedy, and I don’t give a damn for gross-out comedy.  I still have problems with the farting scene in my #1 film, Fanny & Alexander.  However, not all the jokes in this are of the gross-out variety.  And to be fair, there were a few good gags (my favorite: the way Carrey shushes Lauren Holly by jamming his finger in her upper lip).

It’s just that the good bits are so very few and far between.  For every halfway decent chuckle, there’s a dozen that left me stone cold.  And so predictable!  As soon as you see those endangered owls, I knew our protagonists were gonna somehow kill at least one of them.  As soon as Carrey started pouring the tea, I knew a laxative wasn’t far behind.  It isn’t fun.  I’d be exaggerating if I said I couldn’t stand watching this and was squirming restlessly in my seat, but I didn’t have much fun either.  And I think that’s because I really didn’t like these two guys much.  I know they’re supposed to be obnoxious, but you can tell this is supposed to be offset by an affection for the characters.  It seems we’re meant to think they’re really sweet deep down inside.

But they’re not.  They’re kinda dicks a lot of the time, especially Carrey.  And if the jokes don’t work and the characters aren’t endearing (the ultra-flat supporting cast is pretty much to be expected, but what a waste of Teri Garr) then I’ve got nothing else to latch onto.  Definitely not my cup of laxative-infused tea.  Rating: Poor (42)


6 Responses to “Dumb and Dumber”

  1. I’ve never seen this one. The clips that I’ve seen just haven’t made me laugh. I think I will keep steering clear. Nice writing though Martin.

  2. Alan said

    I’m probably a snob but the whole identity of these movies causes me to disdain them. So I am not surprised you didn’t find it funny. A film called “Dumb and Dumber” etc just has no appeal to me. I have enjoyed both lead performers (although I will admit that out of the films I have seen , I prefer Jim Carrey in TV’s n Living Color), but again that’s because the film’s he makes do don’t appeal to me. I have enjoyed slapstick on occasion, and do like to laugh, but somehow I suspect the appreciative audience for these films will also be found chanting “Jerry!” Jerry” in Springer’s TV studio. Be proud that you didn’t enjoy it!

  3. cantstopdrew said

    I watched endless repeats of this on TNT when I would stay at a buddy’s place and play video games all night. It held up pretty well when I decided to sit down and watch the full thing again some fifteen years later, but it’s difficult to go to bat for. Putting Carrey’s performance in a certain perspective is ultra-creepy considering he stalks a girl he met once and dreams about lifting her skirt up without her knowing.

    • Yeah, he’s a creep. It’s like I said… either the characters have to work for you, or the jokes have to work for you. If both work, you’ve got a winner. If neither works, it’s just no fun at all.

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