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December 2014 Recap

Posted by martinteller on December 31, 2014

11 new viewings (plus 6 shorts)
12 revisits (plus 3 shorts)

1. The Inheritance
2. Tommy Boy
3. Little Man, What Now?
4. The Thick-Walled Room
5. All My Sons
6. Snowpiercer

7. I Will Buy You
8. Begin Again
9. Under the Skin

10. To the Ends of the Earth
11. Madagascar

Another slow month for me, finishing off a year where I slowed down my movie consumption considerably.  40-50 films a month used to be my average, now it’s 15-30 (and more heavily skewed towards rewatches rather than new discoveries).  But the month finished off exceptionally strong, with two of the best movies I’ve seen all year.  Really quite a good month all around, and I’ve got a lot lined up that I’ll hopefully get into in January.


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