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Posted by martinteller on January 20, 2015

See, it’s autumn, like changing seasons, get it? Oh, never mind

Throughout my teens and my 20’s, music was my thing.  My music collection — numbering in the thousands of CD’s, records and cassettes — was a vital part of my identity, and my knowledge and appreciation of both current and classic music was a point of pride.  In the year 2000, I purchased a DVD player.  And quickly movies took the place of music.  Within a year, I was hitting pawn shops and flea markets every weekend, expanding my collection with both old favorites and new discoveries.  As these discoveries started edging into more challenging, more obscure, more enlightening fare, I found I wanted to write down my experiences.  At the beginning of 2003, I started doing that.  I kept a blog on my personal Comcast page.

For several years my entries were exceptionally brief… a few off-the-cuff sentences and a 1-10 rating.  But as my relationship with my first wife got worse and worse, I retreated deeper into the world of cinema.  I joined online communities to discuss films, and my pithy comments began to develop into (IMHO) more intelligent observations.  A few people started to care about what I wrote, and I moved my entire blog to WordPress, wanting to share my thoughts and opinions with a wider audience.  Not that I thought I was particularly brilliant at it, but I had amassed some knowledge from digging into the more obscure corners of moviedom.  And it made me feel a part of something.  It gave me purpose in a time when the rest of my life felt pointless.  I added screenshots to my reviews, I tried to give them more body, more insight.

But things change.  In 2013 I ended my horrible relationship and got a divorce.  And then I met Carrie.  Carrie told me that one of things that attracted her was my love of movies.  But as we grew closer and spent more time together, I had less time to obsess over movies… and less inclination to.  I live a fuller, more rounded existence now.  I’m not saying I don’t still love cinema.  It’s just that I no longer feel this need to fill my life with it.  I don’t want to keep turning over rocks hoping to find obscure gems.  I’m sure they’re out there, but I’m tired of the search.  I don’t want to be a slave to it, and I don’t want to keep feeling obligated to spend so much time writing about it.

I’m not making a grand departure here.  For now at least, the blog will go on.  I’ll write something about every movie I watch.  But I’m just not watching nearly as much as I used to, and I’m not going to force myself to write 4-5 paragraphs about each one.  I will no longer categorize the short reviews as “quickies”.  Occasionally I’ll probably feel inspired to write in depth, but they’re going to be mostly quickies from now on.  Like the early years of this blog.  And this will undoubtedly make my blog less valuable and less interesting to some of you.  I’m grateful for every subscriber I have (I still can’t believe anyone subscribes to this!) and every page view I get.  Thank you.  I hope you stick around, even though I have less content to share.

Carrie is a writer, too, and a better one than me.  We write a blog together about our culinary exploits.  It’s called We Cook Stuff.  I invite you to check it out sometime.

14 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Sarah said

    Thank you for writing this. I am a subscriber who reads your blog and also turns to you when I need inspiration about what movie to watch. Your reviews are thoughtful and useful, but most of all PUBLISHED when many of us hesitate to commit to anything public. Just publishing is a brave act and continuing to publish high quality reviews is admirable. So thank you for this particular post, but thank you for the reviews and time you have given so freely to other movie enthusiasts. I shall check out We cook stuff and also, hopefully, continue to enjoy your movie reviews.

  2. Dan Heaton said

    Martin, I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you beyond the blog. I love seeing movies and writing about them, but there’s plenty more to life than that. It’s good to not feel like that films and writing are a requirement or an obsession. It’s easy to get that way for sure. I’m glad to hear you’ll keep writing but seem to be in a good place.

  3. Wendell said

    Glad you have found love again. That’s far more important than placating us in the blogosphere. That said, I’m also happy you’re not totally abandoning us. Fingers crossed that your new relationship works out better than your first marriage.

  4. clydeumney said

    Happiness is a pretty good excuse for writing less, I suppose. Seriously, though, if we have to have less of your reviews (and I’ve gotten some fantastic picks from you over the years, especially when you were really active on SA), you being happy and content is an excellent reason. And as someone who juggles even short reviews with two kids and a job, I totally feel your pain about being less inclined to write. I’ve just been doing it so long (and honestly, I like taking the time to think), but it’s harder and harder to find time to do it. So enjoy your happiness, man – the real world is a pretty good reason to leave the web behind.

  5. mountanto said

    The words that come to mind are clearly me expressing my greed for your writing–I look at your reviews and I look at mine and envy your ability to get your point across in a couple of hundred words where I would take a couple of THOUSAND, and I do so enjoy the casual nature of your prose; I would strive for it, but would not want to feel as if I were imitating you.

    But I digress. I’m so happy for you right now, and I hope your love of film only evolves as you share old favorites and discover new ones with your sweetheart.

    • Thanks, cousin! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep doing it in your style. I don’t know how you come up with so many words about movies, but it’s a talent I’ve never had. I’ve always been a man of few words (maybe you’ve noticed I never talk much at these Thanksgiving dinners!) while you have a lot to say and I envy that.

  6. Hell dude, you need to keep going at a sporadic rate if only to remind me that as much Bergman as I’ve watched there’s still more waiting out there. That said, I miss lurking your forums wit, have appreciated reading these spots, and am very happy you’ve reached a peaceful and fulfilling point in your life.

  7. Skumbo said

    Glad to hear that you are in a pleasant relationship; I hope you will be very happy together. I also hope that you’ll continue to write about films, but appreciate that a healthy shift in priorities may mean that you devote less time to it. I’ll always be grateful to you for introducing me to the joys of Satyajit Ray! Best wishes.

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