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The Mighty Ducks

Posted by martinteller on January 21, 2015

Well, this is at least one of those movies that’s fun to watch because you can moan and joke about how bad it is.  Everything about it is completely by the book and predictable.  If you don’t know exactly how it’s going to end, you weren’t paying attention during the first three minutes.  If you don’t think Emilio Estevez is going to get romantically involved with the only adult female in the cast, you’ve never seen a movie before.  Archetypes abound, from the evil rival coach (“that guy” Lane Smith) to the wisecracking joker of the bunch.  Also, the joker apparently bases his sense of humor on Rob Schneider.  Could there be a worse comedy role model?  I guess the film has a nice set of values and is pleasant enough, but the script is so formulaic it feels like it was written by a computer.  Like a Commodore VIC-20.  That’s a super old school nerdy joke, guys.  Rating: Crap (35)


2 Responses to “The Mighty Ducks”

  1. greercn said

    It’s one of my guilty pleasures. When it’s on TV, I end up watching it again and giggling. Thanks for the fun review!

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