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Enough Said

Posted by martinteller on February 6, 2015

Gah!  I really wanted to like this.  The first half hour was so good, so funny and so true.  And even after that point, there’s a lot to like here, some honest observations about relationships (especially middle-aged ones, and relationships between divorcees) and goddamn I miss James Gandolfini now because he’s so adorable in these nice guy roles.  But argh that development that occurs and is then prolonged for a ridiculously long time.  It’s a terrible construct and it made me hate Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character so much.  And then she gets all shallow and shit, and I know that the point is that her perception is being poisoned, but it was going to take a LOT to bring me back over to her side.  And the movie didn’t deliver that.  The ending is mildly ambiguous, but in tone it really isn’t and I didn’t buy what the movie was selling while pretending not to sell it.   I just hate the plot device of someone not saying the thing you’re dying for them to come out and say, and if the title is an ironic commentary about how she’s actually NOT saying enough, well, screw her.  It’s a movie with a lot of truth and charm, but is saddled with an annoying conceit that turned me too much against the lead character.  Rating: Fair (64)


2 Responses to “Enough Said”

  1. God, I couldn’t agree more. That first chunk is so, so good, and then it just gets painfully awful with the labored romcom plot. Dreyfuss and Gandolfini are both fantastic and do great work, but that script decision kills them. The only thing I almost forgive about it is the ending almost conveys how fucked up what she’s done is, but like you said, it feels like it waffles a bit.

    • There needs to be more of a conversation at the end, because I don’t buy that a little time has healed those wounds. There would be major trust issues in that relationship.

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