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Jodorowsky’s Dune

Posted by martinteller on February 7, 2015

I think people like to imagine that the thing they’ll never get to see (or hear, or read) would have been the greatest thing ever.  Nothing in this documentary convinced me that Jodorowsky’s adaptation of Dune (a book I admittedly haven’t read) would have been the greatest thing ever.  Oh, everyone involved thinks it would have been, along with loathsome journalist Devin Faraci and a hyperbolic Nicholas Winding Refn, but the movie failed to persuade me.  It might have been okay (and let’s be fair, I really like El Topo and Santa Sangre) but mostly it looks like a project with overly ambitious special effects and a lot of Jodorowsky’s typical stew of spiritual mumbo jumbo and heavy-handed drug-induced symbolism.  From listening to him talk in previous interviews and commentaries, I already had a perception of the director as a horribly self-important person with an inflated ego, and boy did that get confirmed.  No, Alejandro, I don’t think your sci-fi LSD trip movie would have expanded humanity’s consciousness, and no Nicholas Winding Refn, I don’t think anyone in Hollywood was “scared” of him.  There’s a lot of pompous bullshit being flung around here.  The score by Kurt Stenzel, however, is really good.  Rating: Poor (54)


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