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Star Trek: First Contact (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on March 7, 2015

Well, this seems to be widely considered an improvement over Generations, but it was a step down as far as I’m concerned.  Literally all I remembered about this one was that there were Borg and a Borg Queen in it.  And no wonder, because most of it is pretty blah.  I’d completely forgotten that it was a time travel story.  It usually bugs me when Trek does time travel, partially because there’s always the obligatory culture shock gags.  And I dunno, they never do anything all that interesting with it.  The whole James Cromwell story in here feels so uneventful and weightless.  And then fanservice stuff like “You’re all astronauts on some kind of… star… trek” or the eyeroll-worthy reveal of the Vulcan ears at the end.

And hell, even the Borg story isn’t that great.  Borg are always an interesting and tense element, but the Borg Queen thing actually ended up making them feel less threatening.  And oh lord, I did not need to see Dixon Hill ever again.  Trek trying to do noir makes me cringe.  And let’s not overlook how Troi is even more useless than usual in this one.  She has one thing to do in the whole movie and we have to sit through Marina Sirtis’s mediocre drunk acting during it.  (And wtf, tequila doesn’t exist in the 24th century?)

I told myself I wasn’t just going to be a negative nelly about it, so here’s some things I did like.  The spacewalk scene was pretty good and featured some clever action beats.  Alfre Woodard is just an awesome presence and even in her limited role here she shines.  I always like seeing Barclay.  And probably my favorite part is the “Ahab” confrontation.  It’s a little trope-y… okay, it’s quite trope-y, but Woodard and Stewart rise above the clichés and deliver a nice scene.  I like seeing Picard be human and make bad decisions sometimes.

So it’s not all bad.  And to be fair, little of it is outright terrible.  It just left me feeling kind of blah about the whole thing.  I didn’t like the new ship design either.  Blah.  Rating: Fair (62)


2 Responses to “Star Trek: First Contact (rewatch)”

  1. Dan Heaton said

    It’s been a little while I’ve seen First Contact, but I’ve always considered it the best of the TNG films. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have issues, especially with the Borg Queen and the story line on Earth with James Cromwell. Still, it’s intense at times, and the danger feels real. I also really like the work of Woodard and Stewart like you mention. It’s no Star Trek II, but it’s no Insurrection.

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