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Star Trek: Nemesis (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on March 23, 2015

I’m giving this the same score as Insurrection because I can’t decide which is worse.  Insurrection was more annoying and this one was more boring, but both were pretty annoying and pretty boring.  Any good points?  Well, it was nice to see Guinan for about 40 seconds.  Tom Hardy does fairly well with such poorly-written material.  The special effects hold up (although the onscreen images clearly influenced by The Matrix made me roll my eyes).  Otherwise, just ugh.  At least a dozen times Carrie or I would pause the movie to complain about or question what was happening.  A tedious jumble of tired tropes, nonsense science, confusing character actions and motivations.  And Troi getting mind-raped again.  And then Picard tells her it would super helpful if she were willing to subject herself to that again.  Um, how about no to that particular request?  Rating: Crap (22)


2 Responses to “Star Trek: Nemesis (rewatch)”

  1. Dan Heaton said

    I haven’t seen Nemesis since the theaters and only realized pretty recently that the villain was Tom Hardy. I remember being okay with it when I saw it, but it really hasn’t stuck with me at all. I have no memory of there being two Datas for example looking at the image above your review. Not sure I’m ready to watch it again.

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