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Sudden Fear (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on April 8, 2015

I didn’t do a plot summary in my first review, but it would just be all the background anyway, and all the good stuff happens in the second half.  Don’t get me wrong, the first hour is pretty good and helps lay the groundwork, but it’s only at the midway point when things start getting amazing.  I love how Crawford doesn’t even try to go to the police… it’s understood that they’ll be no help, so why waste time on them?  The final 30 minutes of this movie are simply perfection, a knot-in-your-stomach escalation of tension, and a convincing rollercoaster of emotional transformation to boot.  Top-notch performances by Joan Crawford and Jack Palance, and Gloria Grahame makes her usual indelible impression with little screen time.  Topped with superb cinematography by Charles Lang and an excellent Elmer Bernstein score, this is fantastic noir that deserves to be better known.  Rating: Great (92)


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