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Posted by martinteller on April 15, 2015

Well, this was certainly clever, and clever in an enjoyable way.  I liked seeing all the pieces and clues come together.  It’s a complicated narrative, but unlike Primer (the most obvious comparison) I didn’t feel like the movie was trying to make me do a bunch of homework to figure it out.  It’s a solid, “Twilight Zone”-esque premise with some nice twists.  But the performances are pitched too hysterical.  I’m sure the jumpy, out-of-focus cinematography and abrupt edits were deliberately done to put the audience on edge, but combined with the way everyone is getting far too upset far too quickly, it became tiresome to watch.  In the end I felt like I’d experienced a nifty construction, but one without any real substance.  What do we learn about these people after spending so much time with them?  And what do we learn about ourselves?  Not a lot.  Rating: Fair (66)


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