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Posted by martinteller on April 25, 2015

I want to start with this: I am not a Nolan hater.  Granted, I am not a big fan like so many others are, and I thought The Dark Knight Rises was pretty damn weak, but most of his movies I’ve enjoyed on some level.  I even think The Prestige and Memento are quite good.  But this… this is just awful.  I mean laughably bad.  I liked the stuff about relativity, I found that rather intriguing (and I joked to my lady that 3 hours of this movie was like 26 years, though I’m sure I’m not the first to make that crack).  And some of the visuals are very striking.  But otherwise I’m at a loss for anything nice to say.  So much terrible dialogue, so much bad exposition, SO MUCH CRYING.  Nolan can be great with ideas but he’s utterly inept with emotion.  This movie tries so hard to make you feel something and fails every single time.  I don’t know if I should blame the writing or the performance, not a one of which was any good.  And oh yeah, Hans Zimmer’s music is really annoying and bombastic too.

I went into this film with somewhat low expectations, but it was far worse than I’d imagined.  If it wasn’t reaching so much for poignancy it might have worked, but even the basic storytelling is riddled with cliché and nonsense.  Heck, even the scientific aspects are sketchy.  And oh lord, I never thought I could despise Dylan Thomas so much.  Rating: Crap (32)


4 Responses to “Interstellar”

  1. Paul S said

    My Interstellar DVD is sitting unwatched on the shelf. After reading this it might be there for some time.

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