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Posted by martinteller on April 28, 2015

[WARNING: This review contains spoilers] Carrie was pretty excited to watch this when she’d learned I hadn’t seen it before.  I didn’t really have any objections, it’s just one of those movies where you know a little bit about it and feel like you’ve seen the whole thing.  I’m glad that I was wrong about some of my preconceived notions (I was sure it would involve a scene where Swayze tells Moore she needs to get on with her life and find love again).  There is one extremely predictable element: you can tell who the bad guy is gonna be very early on in the film.  However, the movie doesn’t drag it out, the inevitable reveal comes before the halfway mark.  At which point, we’re free to just enjoy watching Swayze and Goldberg deal with the situation.  And now, some stray observations…

“Oda Mae Brown” and “Rita Miller” has to be a nod to Rita Mae Brown, right?  That couldn’t be coincidence.

Holy shit, this was directed by Jerry Zucker?  The parody of the pottery scene in Naked Gun 2 1/2 just took on a new layer.

Demi Moore’s character is frustrating.  She’s just dumb and her flip-flopping on believing in the ghost gets tiresome.

Bad guys in the late 80’s/early 90’s can’t just go to jail.  They have to die a horrible death.

Ladies are so helpless that even two of them together need a non-corporeal being to rescue them from one guy.

Hey, it’s Vincent Schiavelli!

1990 Hollywood didn’t have the guts to show two women kissing (at least not in a non-lurid manner) but we’ll let it slide.

All in all, I liked the movie.  I easily got into it and became invested.  Some of it is kind of hokey (but never offensively so) and I’m resistant to the black/white good/evil dichotomies that the movie ultimately enforces, but it’s pretty fun.  Goldberg livens up the screen, and she brings out the best in Swayze.  Rating: Good (74)


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