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Avengers: Age of Ultron

Posted by martinteller on April 30, 2015

I quite enjoyed the first Avengers movie… what went wrong here?  It feels like Whedon just dialed everything up.  More characters, more technology, more destruction, more jokes.  The new characters are mildly intriguing.  Most of all “Vision” (Paul Bettany).  The technology just becomes one gee-whiz gadget after another, until all the gee and all the whiz is used up.  The destruction is ridiculous, and really… there’s no way thousands of innocent people didn’t die because of these battles.  If you’re not going to own up to the civilian cost, then don’t stage the battles in massively populated areas.  It doesn’t raise the stakes, it just gives them an excuse to have Iron Man drag Hulk through a building.  As for the jokes, they’re the best part of the movie, but the one-liners fly around so much that an awful lot of them don’t land at all.  I’m not done griping.  The script is full of muddled ideologies and motivations.  Also, just because Black Widow has a vagina doesn’t mean you have to set up a romantic involvement for her.

Sporadically entertaining, but too often it collapses under the weight of its excess, and I haven’t even talked about the tired clichés (cutting out all the sound effects and bringing in a solemn chorus when a character dies is just as hacky as “Nooooooooooooo!!”, people).  Rating: Poor (41)


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