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Pitch Perfect

Posted by martinteller on May 10, 2015

We spent the weekend at a house on the Oregon coast rented out by Carrie’s parents.  In the house is a small collection of DVDs for the guests to enjoy, most of which are the usual Disney dreck and bland blockbusters.  But Carrie had enjoyed Pitch Perfect and thought I would too, so we gave it a spin.  And yeah, it was pretty fun.  There’s something about a cappella renditions of familiar songs that activates a particular pleasure center in the brain.  It’s the reason I managed to get through a season and a half of “Glee” before that show’s shortcomings became too much to ignore.  This movie follows the “underdog team” formula pretty closely, but what it lacks in narrative originality it mostly makes up for with a lot of energy and good, solid jokes.  And smart ones, too.  Okay, the script reinforces some stereotypes (black girl does the rapping) but it shakes up others (fat girl as a sexual being with multiple boyfriends).  Even a potentially painful projectile vomiting gag is forgiven because of a funny (though revolting) twist.  And the film overcomes its ho-hum leads.  Anna Kendrick is as boring as ever, and I don’t buy her as an “alt girl” for a damn second.  Her romance with Skylar Astin is just going through the motions and has no sizzle at all.  But the movie gets by with really enjoyable supporting work, especially by Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Adam DeVine and Hana Mae Lee.  And honestly, as uninteresting as I find Kendrick, at least she never annoys me.  And I wouldn’t call her a bad actress.  I’m down for the sequel.  Rating: Very Good (81)


3 Responses to “Pitch Perfect”

  1. Wendell said

    Thank you! Finally, someone else agrees that Kendrick was totally miscasr, here. I liked the movie well enough, but she was a weak link, for me. Rebel Wilson plus the songs make this movie.

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