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Posted by martinteller on May 11, 2015

Still got some catching up to do on last year’s movies.  I’m glad I finally got around to this one.  Gripping neo-noir with roots in Ace in the Hole and Sweet Smell of Success, though such comparisons don’t feel apt.  This movie has its own vibe going on… though I would also say I kept thinking about The King of Comedy.  The character of Lou Bloom has the earnest, unstoppable drive of Rupert Pupkin.  But with an utter absence of morality.  It’s a spellbinding performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, an actor I used to be ambivalent about but he keeps surprising me.  You can’t wait to see what this sociopath will do next.  The film is a commentary on the bloodthirsty (and fear-mongering) media, but it’s also a metaphor for capitalism run amok, it’s a lament for youths facing a tough job market, and it casts a cautious glance at a culture raised on the internet.  Not condemning, but cautious.  There’s a lot you can chew on, but none of it is really rammed down your throat.  It’s quite engaging just as an intense thriller, watching Bloom’s behavior escalate with no regard for right or wrong.  The movie does strain plausibility at times, but never to the breaking point.  Rating: Very Good (86)


5 Responses to “Nightcrawler”

  1. greercn said

    I enjoyed this much more than I expected to. And the suspense was genuinely gripping.

  2. Hah! The Original Kings of Comedy reference is a good one, because I was thinking Scorsese as well. In my case if was more After Hours with the cinematography and pitch-black humor, plus the plot connection of creating a perpetual hell of their own designs.

    • The Original Kings of Comedy, of course, is something entirely different! Though I could imagine Cedric the Entertainer popping up somewhere.

      • Well Imma durpadurp. I’ve been making mistakes like that too much this week (pain meds, chronic kidney and colon issues contributing). Been going through all of Spike Lee’s movies again and watched TOKoC so that was still fresh in my mind.

        Not quite as bad as me calling the star of 50 Shades of Grey Dakota Washington instead of Johnson, but a good runner-up 🙂

  3. Heh, don’t sweat it. I make so many stupid mistakes on this blog it’s ridiculous. Most of them I manage to correct with a couple of hours of posting, but I’m sure there’s plenty still out there.

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