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The Wizard of Oz (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 16, 2015

I plucked this off the shelf tonight for several reasons.  One, it’s a movie I love and have loved as long as I can remember.  Two, I wanted to see something familiar and comforting, something I didn’t have to think about much.  And three, I didn’t feel like writing a review, and hasn’t enough been said about this movie already?  It’s gotta be one of most discussed and documented films of all time.  I do wanna talk about one thing, though.  In my previous two write-ups, I complained about the “King of the Forest” scene and how it seems to be a speed bump in the movie.  Not to keep harping one of the few negatives, but I figured out something else I don’t like about it.  Why does Cowardly Lion get his own song?  Not counting the “If I Only Had a…” bits (which they all get), he’s the only one of Dorothy’s companions to get a moment in the spotlight like that, and a kind of lengthy one too.  And he’s my least favorite of the three.  I like Lahr, but I like Haley and Bolger more.  Okay, I got that off my chest.  Peace out.  Rating: Great (94)

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