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What We Do in the Shadows

Posted by martinteller on June 8, 2015

Quick post here because I’ve got a million little things to take care of.  Carrie and I watched this on our honeymoon, at the recommendation of my friend (and best man!) Chris.  All I knew was that it was a comedy and had some kind of connection to “Flight of the Conchords”.  I’ve never watched that show but I’ve heard great things.  I really enjoyed this movie, a vampire farce.  I’m usually amused when people apply mundane social awkwardness to unusual situations, that kind of humor just works for me.  There’s a lot of funny here.  They wisely keep the movie short, before the premise starts to run out of gas.  I can’t recall any bits that flat out didn’t work, but there were a couple of stretches that were less funny than the rest of it.  Okay that’s all I got.  This is the worst review I’ve written in a while, but fuck it, I need to go do stuff.  Note to self: watch “Flight of the Conchords”.  Rating: Very Good (86)


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