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Posted by martinteller on June 26, 2015

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I last watched a movie?  I gotta say, I miss movies.  Carrie and I have been busy house-hunting and dealing with all that stuff, so mostly we’ve been spending the little free time we have watching TV.  But tonight we were bored and there wasn’t a show we were both excited to watch, so we decided to head out to the theater (which also has the advantage of being well air-conditioned).  I didn’t particularly want to see Inside Out and she didn’t particularly want to see Fury Road, but we were both into the idea of seeing Spy.

It was a damn good call.  Melissa McCarthy is hilarious (and Jason Statham matches her all the way) and the script sports a lot of funny dialogue and solid genre send-ups.  It’s more entertaining than any 007 flick since the Connery era.  It does occasionally get bogged down when too much attention is given to the uninspired plot, a muddled composite of ho-hum espionage tropes.  But when it focuses on the gags and the action, it’s rock solid entertainment.  And furthermore, it deftly avoids the numerous pitfalls that could have arisen from a story centered around a fat woman.  None of the humor comes from Susan Cooper’s size, and she comes off as a strong, capable character… whose physical achievements are far less implausible than those of James Bond or Jason Bourne.  I’ll gladly see the sequel.  There’s gonna be a sequel, right?  Rating: Very Good (85)


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