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Posted by martinteller on July 17, 2015

Credit to Amy Schumer’s comedic sensibilities, there are about a dozen good laughs in this movie.  Brie Larson and Bill Hader both come off well, and it’s fun to see talented people I enjoy like Dave Attell, Kyle Dunnigan, Claudia O’Doherty, Jon Glaser and Tim Meadows.  Aaaaand that’s about all I can do as far as saying nice things.  This mess of a movie does not know what it wants to be, trying to fit into the Apatow formula but it swerves all over the place.  Scenes feel unfinished, unpolished, pasted together, just fragments of ideas that were meant to be built up later into something meaningful.  Schumer’s character is not so much “complex” or “daring” as she is “unlikable”.  Her whole relationship with Hader feels unearned, and I kept wondering why he wanted to be with her.  And the stuntcasting gets very tiring.  Hey, everything’s funnier when it’s being said by LeBron James, right?  Oh look, it’s Daniel Radcliffe doing a thing.  Here’s Matthew Broderick for no good reason.

The movie is most successful when it goes for laughs.  When it tries to do anything else, it falls flat.  Rating: Crap (37)


2 Responses to “Trainwreck”

  1. I hate to give such an off-topic comment, but I’m curious – I assume you didn’t end up seeing the restoration of the Apu trilogy in theaters? I saw the first two tonight, and they’re astonishing. I’d only seen Pather before, but it was like a whole different movie seeing it in all its beauty. Loved Aparajito – can’t wait for World of Apu tomorrow.

    • I’m afraid I didn’t make it to any of them, but I know Criterion will be releasing the trilogy on Blu-Ray (most likely they’ll announce the release next month). Still, I wish I could have seen them on the big screen.

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