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two on a Saturday

Posted by martinteller on July 25, 2015

Welp, Ant-Man was a big piece of shit… charmless, predictable, clichéd, and worst of all, boring.  There is some mildly fun energy in the early stages, with a pretty decent training montage (although peppered with quips that were too familiar to be clever).  But the closer it gets to its so-called climax, the more generic and tiresome it gets.  I’m done with superhero movies.  Done.  Rating: Crap (33)

Earlier today I watched Deep Valley, an overcooked melodrama that is elevated by its cynical, noir-ish tone.  And by Ida Lupino, who just can’t help being a compelling presence (Moonrise‘s Dane Clark isn’t that bad either).  Jean Negulesco directs with his usual competence, but again seems to drop the ball when it comes to plot momentum.  Still, he pulls off some fine construction of mood, especially in establishing the oppressive misery of Lupino’s home life.  Rating: Good (74)

2 Responses to “two on a Saturday”

  1. greercn said

    I quite liked “Ant-Man” although many others didn’t. I quite liked the return to Marvel values – the rebel outsider as the hero – and I thought the visuals were really interesting. Oh well. That’s why personal opinions are important and we can agree to disagree! I enjoy how you highlight some old movies that shouldn’t be forgotten.

    • Ant-Man seems to be getting a lot of praise, so I think I’m in the minority. I saw the movie in 3D and that hampered my appreciation of the visual qualities. 3D just always looks like garbage to me… Gravity has been the lone exception.

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