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Top 10 Discoveries of 2015

Posted by martinteller on January 1, 2016

It’s no secret that my interest in movies has waned (as has my interest in writing about them… there are a several movies I saw that never made it to this blog). I watched fewer films in 2015 than any of the previous 14 years. Additionally, a higher proportion of what I watch is now devoted to newer releases and revisits. So what used to be a top 20 list of older movies I discovered in the past year is now reduced to a top 10. These are all the non-new films I saw in 2015 for the first time that I rated 85 or higher. It’s a smaller list, but it’s a good list, and re-reading these reviews has started to rekindle my interest in cinema a little bit.


1. Kokoro

“It has a profound impact as it examines the psychological, spiritual, and moral complexities of its characters.”

2. Watership Down

“The film handles death in a way that makes it both terrifying and poignant, haunting and lovely.”

3. Deep Water

“A thoughtful piece of work, a thorough meditation on misguided human endeavor.”

4. Intimate Lighting

“It all has such an easy-going tempo that it goes down smoothly.”

5. The Ape Woman

“The movie never quite goes in the direction you think it will, and the characters are not easily shoehorned into easy boxes.”

6. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

“Although undoubtedly campy, it has a sincerity and a solid emotional core that shines through.”

7. Time Stood Still

“Both sides of this generation gap are presented with sympathy and understanding.”

8. Gone to Earth

“The bold colors help lend the film its faintly surreal aura, an otherworldly patina.”

9. Imitation of Life (1934)

“Stahl’s [version] has much to recommend it as well, and is even more daring for its time.”

10. Titli

“Compelling, honest and sometimes touching portrait of a mother-daughter relationship.”

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