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So, basically, I watch a lot of movies.  I don’t claim to be an expert, I just like recording my thoughts on them.  Older ratings are on a 1-10 scale.  Then I briefly switched to a descriptive rating: Crap/Poor/Fair/Good/Very Good/Great/Masterpiece.  Now I combine the descriptive rating with my Criticker rating on the 100 scale.  Confusing enough for ya?

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13 Responses to “About”

  1. Kevyn Knox said

    Hey, I was just perusing your Top 1000 page. I too am on a quest to see these films. My goal is to write a book about the whole thing. Right now I have updates on my site about it. In case you were wondering, if you happen to be anywhere near NYC, you can watch The Art of Vision at MoMa. A friend and I just went up to see it a few weeks back. You need to reserve it and make an appointment, but as long as you say it is for research, there is no fee. Is the film worth it? Well I am a Brakhage hater from way back so I was bored silly (I believe your Crap rating would fit here), but it was an experience (and Brakhage does mean well artistically – he is not a sadist. Right?) and it does help me get closer to my finishing the list by November as I have planned. Of course if you are nowhere near NYC, everything I have said is for naught and you should probably just wipe it all from your memory.

    • Yeah, Art of Vision remains the sole entry I haven’t seen. I’m on the opposite coast, unfortunately. If I did have an opportunity to visit NYC, I doubt I’d spend 5 hours of that trip watching a de-assemblage of DOG STAR MAN. And that’s coming from a Brakhage-lover (in general… I don’t think it’s possible for someone to watch ALL of his work), Good on you for taking the plunge, though! Checklist slaves, unite!

      • kevynknox said

        Yeah, a trip to NYC should be more fun than this. On an upnote, the screening room was quite comfy a place to watch a film, even a four hour and ten minute beast like Art of Vision. I personally still have 159 to go, but at least that one is out of the way.

  2. Jay said

    Hey. I was just going through your alphabetical listing and thought it would be a good idea to have your 10s / Masterpiece ratings as its own list, or even a way to sort by rating. I see that you’re updating your Top 100 as well, and that would probably take care of the same request. Your reviews are always worth reading and I check the blog regularly.

    • I’ve thought about that as well. Only problem is sometimes those ratings change. It’s a possible future project. Thanks for the feedback and thank you for reading!

  3. Anonymous said

    Very nicely designer site. Will read and comment more later.

  4. Anonymous said

    been visiting you site for about 5 years discover many new films love you straight honest reviews keep up the good work

  5. Anonymous said

    hi,here some new for you uk label artificial eye going to release blu ray of charulata by satyajilt ray,on june24 also will you be reviewing life of pi by ang lee in the near future? thanks

    • Yeah I saw the announcement of CHARULATA… unfortunately, I don’t have the capability to play Blu-Rays from that region. If they release it without a region lock, though, I’m all over that. I’m sick of waiting for Criterion to step up their Ray releases. And yes, I will get to LIFE OF PI sometime soon. Thanks for commenting!

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